The ANSI Table Software


In a Global economy, more and more people have to use accented vowels unavailable on their keyboard. To access these accented vowels, one has to push and to hold the ALT key while the number zero, followed by a three digit code, are typed on the numeric keypad. This ANSI Character Table is aimed at those who want an easier mean to get the same result.

This ANSI Table Software is an electronic ANSI Character Table. It has four columns: the ANSI Character number, its decimal value (the number to be typed on the numeric keypad), its hexadecimal value (useful to developers), and its HTML equivalent. HTML equivalent are also called “entity names” by web developers. For example, in order to get an 'Ë' in any Windows application, one has to hold ALT and type 0203: on the other hand, in the HTML code of a web page, 'Ë' should be repaced with “Ë” (otherwise that web page will not be displayed correctly when seen though browser that have some foreign language driver).

When a character is right-cliked, a popup menu gives you the choice to copy that character, its hexadecimal value or its HTML equivalent to Windows’ clipboard (in order to be pasted in your document). Finally, please note that the font called "Courier New" has to be installed on your computer (usually it is) in order to use this software.


Once this application is installed, you can delete



The ANSI Character Table Software is a shareware. If this application is useful to you, we would appreciate a US$5 contribution. Since Candian banks and Canada Post charge more than $5 to change a check or a money order drawn in American currency, the ideal way to send a contribution would be to pay with PayPal. Please send the money to and add a small note saying which software you’re paying for. Thanks

March 2005.