The Forums Software


The Forums software is a message repository. Created for my own personal use, Forums software was made to store Newsgroup messages. Actually, it can be used to store emails or any unformatted documents (note: formatted documents will lose formatting and their links will be broken.)

The table used by the Forums software are limited to 2 Gb (or the free space of the hard disk if it is smaller). This means that there is no limit to the size of a message that can be stored in the Forums software, as long as the final size of the Forums table is smaller than 2Gb.

When it is used for the first time, the software will ask for a user-interface language: the user will have the choice between seven languages (Dutch, English, French, German, Frisian, Italian and Portuguese). Once this choice done, the software will give the instructions in the selected language. When the software has already been used, the user don't have to pass through that step: the instructions will be loaded automatically.

When the 'Find' pushbutton is clicked, the user has access to the second screen of the application (in the example below, many messages have been stored in the application). The entryfield near the top left corner does incremential searches. This means that as soon as the first few letters of a keyword have been entered, the software 'jump' to the first instance of a message whose keyword begins with these letters.


  1. Install the dBASE Plus Runtime Engine (7.2 MB). This is the Virtual Machine needed for dBASE Plus applications to run.
  2. Download (75 Kb) in a temporary folder.
  3. Extract the fifteen files it contains in the folder you would like the Forums software to be.
  4. Create a shortcut to Forums.exe on your Desktop or in your Start Menu.
Once this application is installed, you can delete


The Forums Software is a shareware. If this application is useful to you, we would appreciate a US$10 contribution. This can be sent as a money order or as a check drawn on a US or Canadian Bank to:

MGA Communications
2295 av. Jeanne-d'Arc, app. 5
Montréal  QC  H1W 3V8
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April 2006.