PhotoEmail is a very simple application used to create a scale-down version of digital photos originally judged to be too big to be sent through email. It was not tested under Vista; like thousands of software, itís probably incompatible with it.

Its toolbox has seven buttons.

  1. Install the dBASE Plus Runtime Engine (7.2 MB). This is the Virtual Machine needed for dBASE Plus applications to run.
  2. Download (or for the French version) in a temporary folder. The zip file weights 347 Kb.
  3. Extract the ten files it contains in the folder you would like the PhotoEmail software to be.
  4. Create a shortcut to PhotoEmail.exe on your Desktop or in your Start Menu.
Once this application is installed, you can delete or


The Forums Software is a shareware. If this application is useful to you, we would appreciate a US$10 contribution. This contribution can be made through PayPal (click on “PayPal” to proceed). If you make a contribution through PayPal, please send the money to and add a small note saying which software you’re paying for. It would be a good idea to give me your email address. Thanks in advance for your support.

March 2005.