The dBL ScreenSaver


The dBL_ScreenSaver is a screen saver that displays your own digital pictures when your computer has been left idle for some time.


Shortcommings Installation
  1. Download the dBASE Plus Runtime Engine (7.2 MB). This is the Virtual Machine needed for this application to run.
  2. Download (38 Kb) in a temporary folder.
  3. For Windows95 or Windows98, extract the two files it contains in the Windows\System folder. For WinNT or WindowsXP, extract them in the Windows\System32 folder.
  4. Create a subfolder called “dBL_ScreenSaver” under the Windows\System or Windows\System32 folder.
  5. In that subfolder, copy all the JPEGs you want the screen saver to display.
  6. Open the Display applet of the Control Pannel and select “dBL_ScreenSaver.scr” as your screen saver and chose the number of minutes after which you want it to start automatically.
Once this application is installed, you can delete




December 2004.