The Paris2004 Screen Saver

Foreword: The Screen Saver Paris2004 can be used and copied freely for non-commercial use only.


Download Paris2004.zip (10 Mb), available through the link hereunder. Extract the only file it contains (Paris2004.scr) and copy it in Windows\System32 sub-folder.

From the Start menu, select the Settings | Control Panel, then load the Display applet. Under the Screen Saver tab, select Paris2004 and set the number of minutes of inactivity after which the screen saver should start. Because of the size of the file, there might be a 30-second to a one-minute delay  between the moment the screen saver is selected and the moment an image can be seen in the small preview screen seen below.

Control Panel

You can also create a shortcut on Windows Desktop pointing to Paris2004.scr and fire it at will simply by double-clicking on its shortcut.


  • Beta Version created in January 2005.
  • 1.0 — Created anew with Axialis Screen Saver Producer 3.6, the screen savers are now Win9x and WinXP compatible.  The left and right Arrow keys on the keyboard allow you to come back to the previous image or to move manually to the next picture in the slide show.

Paris 2004.zip
Note : Paris2004.zip weights 10 Mb