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The Advanced Editor is a text Editor with syntax highlighting for Visual dBASE 5.x, Visual dBASE 7.x, dB2K, dBASE Plus, Delphi, and Javascript languages.
Print source code files with or without syntax colors.
Can be used as an editor for an IDE or as a windows Send To item.
  ANSI Table: A 32bit electronic ANSI table
  BR7 Utility (Type:Freeware)

Multi-featured dBase4 Table Browser.  Create DBF, Modify Structure, Index Tag
management, Record Seek / Locate / Add / Delete / Recall / Photocopy, Global
Operations, Pack and Zap.

  CDAudio: a free CD Audio Player that can create a loop within a musical track.
  Client Management System (CMS) is an application for tracking clients,
projects, time and phone records, as well as expenses. CMS was designed for
attorneys with the help of an attorney. It is easy to use and contains the
features single attorneys and small law firms need.
  The dBL_ScreenSaver is a slide show that displays your own digital pictures when your computer has been left idle for some time.
  Forums is a newsgroup message repository
  The GIF to PNG Converter converts files in the patented Graphic Interchange Format (GIF) to Portable Network Graphics (PNG) format, an open W3C standard.
  The Home Inventory Application is for recording, categorizing, and specifying the location of home and business assets. The app captures item desc, category, location, misc notes, make, model, serial#, date of purchase, cost, value, and info on where and from whom it was acquired.
  The dBASE Knowledgebase Search Tools are intended to help you search for words or phases contained in the HTML documents that make up the dBASE Knowledgebase. The application runs on your hard drive and it searches a local copy of the Knowledgebase. This application works with dBASE Plus, dB2K, and dBASE SE.
  PanelSys is a comic collectors (PANELologists) database SYStem for keeping track of prized comic collections.
  PhotoEmail is a simple application used to create a scale-down version of digital images originally judged too big to be send through email.
Project Storage Manager is an application for storing current, new, or old Programming projects.
  SQL Query Builder provides a graphical interface designed to help you construct SQL Select commands. It handles Joins between tables, Where conditions, Sort orders, and Group summaries. SQL Query Builder supports any database supported by dBASE including Paradox, Interbase, and Microsoft Access. With SQL Query Builder you can preview and print your query, and you can save the query as a new table for uses by other programs. When you save a SQL file, SQL Query Builder is able to reload the commands.
  Webcal for dBASE is a CGI based application that provides calendaring and appointment functionality for individuals or small workgroups. It can be used over the Internet or from within an intranet. The application is available in a personal edition or a groupware edition.
  Web Reports Builder is a desktop wizard that helps you create dBASE CGI web reports. The reports are laid out with an HTML table so no REP files are needed. With Web Reports Builder you can preview your reports while you work, generate code for your CGI application, and create a static report. Numerous formatting options are available.
  Web Log File Analyzer Pro (and Code Red II Worm Hit Counter)

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